Projector Enclosures

Projector Enclosures :

Projector Enclosures

Nr 1 Projector Enclosure for Christie HD 20 K-J-3
Nr 2 - Projector Enclosure for l'Opéra Podlaska - Poland
NR 3 - - Projector Enclosure for (Barco Galaxy 4 K-23) Centre Multimédia Groupe SAFRAN - France.
Nr 4 - Projector Enclosure for (Barco RLM-W-12) 2 amphithéâtres - Faculté de Médecine de Tours - France
Nr 5 - Projector Enclosure for Sony VPL - FH 500 L Orchestre Symphonique National de la Radio Polonaise
Nr 6 - Projector Enclosure for CHRISTIE - CP 4220 Cinema LE CASINO A ARRAS - France
Nr 7 - Projector Enclosure for Barco DP- 2 K -6 E - for FIKOLAND in Poland
Nr 8 acoustic enclosure for Barco DP2K - 6 E - for MURANO cinema in Varsaw
Nr 9 Projector Enclosure for Barco DP - 2 K - 12 C - studio post production in Varsaw
Nr 10 - Projector Enclosure for Optoma - EH 515
Nr 11 - Projector Enclosure for Barco DP 4K - 32 B
Nr 12 - Projector Enclosure for Barco DP2K - 10 S
Nr 13 - Projector Enclosure for Optoma HD 39
Nr 14 - Projector Enclosure for christie 4 K 30 - Teatre Roma - Warszawa
Nr 15 - Projector Enclosure for Christie HD 14 - K M
Nr 16 Projector Enclosure for 2 projectors : Barco DP2K - S end Barco DP2K- 15 S
Nr 17 - Projector Enclosure for Christie Crimson WU 25 K - Theatre Antibes - France
Nr 18 For Barco DP32K - 10 SLP
Nr 19 for Christie CP 2215
Nr 20 for Panasonic RZ - 120
Nr 21 for Christie CP 2210 and Barco SP2K-7
Nr 22 for Christie D - 20 WU - HS
Nt 23 for Barco G 60-W10 and Sony VPL -FHZ66L
Nr 24 for Barco UDM - 4K 22

    0171 slate grey
    0190 black

    To be able to choose the model of the sound-proof box that fits your needs, you must first calculate the heat dissipation of your equipment. This heat dissipation is in Watts. It should be noted that the heat dissipation in Watts is just wattage of yours equipment     

    Just consult the datasheet of your equipment or at least look at the power supply. For several equipments to install, just add the Watts.

    Really, the equipments work at about 70% of their capacity, for instance if an equipment has a power of 1000 Watts, it will work between 700/800 Watts with some strong electric power consumption every 10/20 seconds.

    Depending of the value found, you will be able to choose the model of the sound-proof box that will give your equipment the right ventilation.

    For instance, a MAC PRO has a energy consumption of 318 Watts, then its heat output is also 318 Watts.

    For example, if you want to install a MAC PRO (318 Watts). The right one is Silent-Box -500 (A or B) (cooling capacity = 500 Watts)

    For a server or any else equipment that dissipates a lot of heat ( rack equipment or not, you have to choose  Silent-Box-1000 (A or B)

    But if you want to install your Mac Pro ( 318 W)  +  Pro Tools HD PRE (400 W))  + Server Dell PowerEdge R-515  (750 W)   it is  Silent- Server- Rack - 8 U that fits. (cooling capacity =2000 Watt)

    For the equipments with a strong heat dissipation you have to  choose Silent-Server - Rack - HP. Its cooling system strong, double and independent gives a high security in very hard conditions.

    It is recommended to choose a model a bit oversized to fit your needs to get an excellent ventilation, mainly if your room is not air-conditioned.

    It is also recommended to leave one or several spaces of 1U between the equipments for optimum ventilation.

    Most equipments work to a temperature from 40° to 60°It is recommanded not to exceed these temperatures.

    For maximum security, you can also install a remote monitoring system that will notify you by email or SMS in case of overheating, see link:

    Your sound-proof box can be equipped with a power second supply in case of failure of the main power supply, the transfer to the secondary network is automatic and instantaneous. see link :

    Our range of sound-proof boxes fits every configuration whatever the nature of your equipment.

    Please contact us via e-mail including the following informations:

    1. brand and model of the équipment that you will put inside the sound proof box.

    2. model and version of the box see PDF plan.

    3. chosen color: anthracite or black
    4. name and surname of the ordering party / Company name5. invoice and delivery addresses.

    6. for EU VAT : company details and EU VAT number for issuing an invoice  VAT free
    7. phone number for a person designated to collect the shipment (data required by international shipping company)

    On receipt of these details, we will send you a quote, the delivery time and payment method.

    The shipping is carried out by an international shipping company. The shipment collected from our production workshops is assigned to a tracking number, thanks to which you can track the route of the delivery on the Internet.

    Custom-made products: you have to specify brand and model of your equipment and all informations necessary to complete your project.

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